_masterclass _04
_date: 27-28/ May / 2021
_developed by: Craft Council UK

Creative Business Skills

Facilitated by the Business Skills team at the Crafts Council (UK) and business support expert Toyin Laketu, Founder of Onwards and Up, this fourth and final masterclass of the FUSION series focused on creative business skills.

Over the two days, participants were guided into shaping their business vision through practical sessions and tools that helped them:

• Identify their core values and model a business plan
• Market their ideas and run a campaign
• Present themselves and make a good impression
• Protect their brand and design ideas

Each day, leading practitioners in fashion and textiles shared their insights on setting up a business, running a promotional campaign, navigating the market and reflected on the social and environmental impact of their work.
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  • Founder of Aquanautia, Rishi Thornhill shares the story of launching one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter.

  • Charlotte Bingham – Wallis, co-founder of From Belo, presents insights on running an award-winning sustainable and ethical brand.

  • Briffa solicitor Elisabetta Bestetti dives into the all important legal considerations of a design brand; from trademarks and design applications to dealing with IP disputes and drafting contracts.

  • London-based Brazilian designer Joao Maraschin shares the vision of the JOAO MARASCHIN brand that celebrates diversity and a more inclusive scenario for a mature demographic.

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