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_FUSION (Fashion Up-Skilling Innovation Open Network) is an international partnership project, funded by Creative Europe, that is offering designers/makers training in digital fabrication skills and co-designing methodologies towards the development of bespoke products, across fashion, textiles and wearables for active ageing citizens. Active ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life for all people as they age.;
Through a series of masterclasses, a short residency programme, networking events, a seminar, exhibition, thematic research mapping and the development of a creative business toolkit, the project aims to:;
_Increase access to digital fabrication technologies for fashion and textile designers and makers;
_Enrich professional capacities in digital fabrication and co-designing with active ageing citizens;
_Open new business opportunities for the design and craft sector;
_Develop new business models for creative enterprises interested in cross-sector innovation within fashion and textiles;
This is a unique opportunity for designers/makers with ambition to learn new skills, combining digital fabrication technologies with traditional skills in textiles and fashion and to expand their professional capacities in user testing and co-designing with users.;
The Project will run from
04 / 2020
- 04 / 2022
FUSION is delivered by four international partners:
Lead Partner
Limerick School of Art & Design (Ireland)
Leading of Creative Business
Crafts Council (UK)
Leading on Product development
Design School Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (Portugal)
Leading on research into the access of digital fabrication tools.
Fondazione Santagata per L’Economia della Cultura (Italy)